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Keeping guard of art while eating noodles and drawing well dressed couples from a magazine for the next 5 hours at watt space


The Place Beyond the Pines…

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why he lick me


why he lick me

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I’m working every day until I’ll be uni-ing every day and even though it’s at a gallery and a place where I get to wear jewellery that looks like it should be worn by modern amazonian goddesses I’m feeling very very strange/sentimental/regretful/weird/sulky and am missing someone big time and I think really my full time job is being a sook

your cigarette still burns, your messed up world will thrill me, alison i’m lost

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A new short film directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu

Actress : Maame Yaa Boafo


I’m walking everywhere like this from now on.

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With pen (colour added in SAI)


With pen (colour added in SAI)

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